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Double Entendre at the New York Uke Fest 2010

Lil' Rev & James Hill || Obedience Blues || 2010 NY Uke Festival

Lil' Rev's Top 10 List for Listening

Many of my fans often ask me," Lil Rev what are your favorite ukulele recordings to listen to?" or, "what should i be listening to as i am developing as a player?" - First off let me say, one should be regularly surfing You Tube for great ukulele music. There is nothing like seeing and hearing a stellar performance. With that said, there are a lot of vintage & new Ukulele Recordings that i would highly recommend to every budding ukulele player. - Here is Lil' Rev's top 10 Ukulele Album (or tune) list: - 1) James Hill & Anne Davison: True Love Don't Weep (2009 Borealis) This is a stellar collection of traditional flavored music from choice covers like Oh Susannah on slide ukulele to Rocking Instrumentals like Richards Reel and Ode to A Frozen Boot. James has one foot firmly planted in the past and three feet in the future! I love this guy! - 2) Lyle Ritz: How About Uke? (Verve 2004) This is a classic reissue of a 1957 recording that set the world on fir…

NPR goes to MILWAUKEE, Visits the Uke Club

Hello All,

Here is a great Video on The Milwaukee Ukulele Club, which I founded a few years ago.

It was featured as an NPR Podcast for state or the re:union show. Sound of The Re:Union: The Milwaukee Ukulele Club

Pretty Cool!

Lil Rev

Here's Sample Post #1 -- Sittin' On Top Of The World

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