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Singing On The Senior Circuit

Lil Rev & his Yiddish Mentor Paul Melrood circa 2010

Nursing Homes, Gigs, and The Working Musician:

While my friends jokingly call me "the king of the nursing home circuit in Wisconsin!" It's a badge I wear with pride and after more than 24 years of performing for our elders all across the U.S. I can say wholeheartedly that it has been a most gratifying endeavor.

If you are interested in bringing some joy and light into the lives of those who'll really appreciate it, and in many cases, therapeutically need it, then you are the perfect candidate to perform for our seniors. If you are patient, caring, outgoing, funny, witty, warm, playful, knowledgeable, respectful, a good listener, endeared to our elders, or just love to share what you know with folks, than you are ready to take on the nursing home circuit! No! You needn't possess all of the traits that i just mentioned, however it doesn't hurt to ask yourself, what do i bring to the table as a performer t…

Mighty Uke Day

Sara Wagner took this shot in Lansing, MI at Mighty Uke Day 2012!

Mighty Uke Day was a real hoot this year! Hosted by Ben Hassenger and a great crew of volunteers. A fun filled day of workshops, open mic, jamming and a Saturday night concert featuring Gerald Ross, The Fabulous Heftones, and yours truely!

This years sponsors included: Mya-Moe, Elderly Instruments, Ohana Ukulele and many others! Now in its second year, i hope Ben will keep the momentum going and continue to host this cool little one day festival.

One thing, i thought was very memorable, the evening concert was held in an unfinished old building in Old Town, Lansing, just a few blocks from Elderly. It was funky and rough around the edges, but created a really cool ambiance to the old time music that was being played. I am told this same space used to play host to a rough and tumble saloon. My sources told me that it was a well known fact that someone was always getting their bean cracked open there on a fairly regular…

Lil Rev Appears on WUWM- Lake Effect

Here's a link to a recent radio spot i did on WUWM in Milwaukee with Mitch Tiech for his show Lake Effect: Talking about my new book: Ukulele Nation and other ukulele news