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I am announcing a new ukulele partnership with Kala. We have teamed up to present a traveling workshop for absolute beginners called: Uke Can Too, which will teach basic strumming, two chord songs, silly tricks and much more! . As I tour extensively around the U.S. I am often asked if there's a workshop for absolutebeginners and this is his answer to that question. Thanks to Kala, for providing 24 Thin Body Travel Ukes to me so I can now accommodate up to 24 students. . The best part of this deal for those looking to get started on the ukulele and see if they like it, is that Kala and Local Music Stores will be underwriting the cost of this workshop and newcomers will be treated to a free 90 minute workshop -- that's right it's free! . So watch to see if Lil' Rev is coming to your town to teach the Uke Can Too workshop. As many of you know, I am the author of the Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book Series and was a Grade School Music Teacher and College Lecturer with extensive…