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The Ukulele Nation Poetry Project

Folks often ask me how i came to write an entire book of poems relating to the ukulele, its history, players, legend and lore?

Here's the story...

Following my 2011 winter tour of the South & Western U.S., I returned to Milwaukee extremely hoarse and exhausted from one too many workshops and concerts (3 months of touring can do that to you if you aren't careful). My doctor took one look at my vocal cords and said, "man you gotta take a break!" Now!

I was advised to take at least a full month off and not to sing.

Since i had been singing and strumming since the age of 11, this was the first time that i had to actually restrain from doing that which has brought me so much joy over the years...making music!

In need of a creative outlet to channel my creativity, i turned to my old friend poetry and simply began to write. As the weeks whizzed past, i noticed a theme taking shape as i began to reflect on my career as a professional, touring ukulele instructor/perform…