An introspective Lil Rev with his 8 String 
Tony Graziano Taropatch

Gary Zmicki Mahogany Soprano 3K

Bean Sprout Banjo Uke (i am not an official endorsee 
of this instrument though i own one and love to play it!)

Lil Rev's Original Mahogany Soprano Favilla
 w/Custom Rauen Pick Guard
 (I wore the top off this one! 
This is also the ukulele pictured on Fountain of Uke #1)

Tony Graziano "Lil Rev Model" Baritone Ukulele
 (my all time favorite baritone!)

8 String Mahogany Tony Graziano Taropatch
 (This Instrument is unbelievable, full, rich and round tone)

Tony Graziano Mahogany Tenor W/Slotted Peghead 
(This is my main ukulele for moving up the neck!)

Kerry Char Concert "Lil Rev Model" 
(Spruce Top/Indian Rosewood Back N Sides, 
Madagascar Ebony Fretboard)

Mya Moe Quilted Maple Concert
 (We call this instrument "Pearl")

Mya Moe 6 String Tenor (Lili U')

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