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Ben Carr's New CD: A River's View of Sunrise

On Meeting Ben Carr... When i first met Ben Carr a few years back, i was immediately impressed with his style and humble demeanor. He had just finished a really cool set of  instrumentals that ran the gamut from down-home fiddle tune-esq, to finger picking  bluesy stuff as well as highly percussive-alternate tuned, groove based jams.
It was obvious to me that Ben had a very wide range of influences and the  sincerity of his approach came off as very authentic at time when 10,000 guitar  inspired posers are plying their trade on the ukulele. 
A Wee Bit About This Lad... Ben grew up in the farm-laden, Philadelphia suburbs blowing an alto-sax, which was soon supplanted by
bongos and a full drum set.

After stints in numerous east coast bands and a foray
into full-time music hood a la New Orleans, Ben
finally relocated to Southern Vermont where he currently resides with his family.
As a certified graduate of James Hill's Ukulele Initiative, Ben is presently a full time ukulele instruct…