Novelty Songs for Ukulele presents:
Bawdy, Naughty and Double Entendre Blues, Rock, Tin Pan Pan Alley, Brosht Belt, Irish and Sailor Songs for ukulele including many cool Novelty Strokes including the fan stroke, the Zig-Zag Stroke and the Figure Eight Stroke (as well as all of the silly ukulele tricks). This is a multi-leveled class that is very popular. You’ll find a good variety of simple 2, 3 and 4 chord tunes along with some cool circle of 5th stuff and a few tin pan alley numbers. All and al, this is a really well rounded workshop that is alot of fun and also provides a little background on the evolution of the Novelty Number. Open to all levels.  90 minutes. 

Blues Styles For Ukulele:
 This workshop focuses on repertoire building, while also giving the student a great overview of typical progressions, boogie-patterns, licks and turnarounds as well as Blues History and Lore all woven in. Must know basic chords, major, minor some 7th Chords. 90 minutes 

Claw-Hammer Style Ukulele:
 This workshop takes an in-depth approach to learning the banjo derived-claw-hammer stroke on the ukulele. Breaking this stroke down into three easy to understand steps, Lil Rev then introduces a typical tune that is played Claw-Hammer style. Also contained in this workshop the student will learn the western swing rhythm, the boom-chick stroke, classic Johnny Cash intros and tunes, Hank Williams, Mountain Ballads and simple old familiar melodies, the Pendulum Stroke, plus a whole lots more. Advanced Beginner and above. 90 minutes 

Hot Licks for Ukulele:
 Let Lil Rev show you why he is one of America’s busiest ukulele teachers! Join rev as he distills 30 years of listening to classic rock, blues and jazz into 90 minutes of Hot Licks for Ukulele. You’ll learn intros, endings, turnarounds, Licks, Fills, Riffs as well as their respective usage and the scales they derive from. Glean important soloing tips from Rev as well some juicy music history. This class is open to advanced beginners and up, as it is presumed the student is already playing some very basic melodies on the ukulele and is willing to learn from Tablature and./or notation with live demo. Bring a recorder with you so you can retain these licks. (This material will also appear in Lil Rev upcoming Hal Leonard Book: 101 Licks for Ukulele in 2011) 90 minutes. 

Essential Strums, Strokes and Tricks for Ukulele:
Join award winning ukulele master Lil Rev as he presents a workshop for all levels. Learn the four finger roll, five finger and two finger roll strokes, 3 triplets, slides, tremolo, novetly strokes and whole array of classic ukulele tricks, combine this with a great grab bag of Blues, Tin Pan Alley and Novelty numbers and what you have is a stellar workshop for all levels. Lil Rev is well known for making his workshops not only fun, but educational and entertaining all at once. Come and find out why he calls it: Edu-Tain-Ment!!! open to all levels. 90 minutes 

Irish Songs for Ukulele: This exciting celebration of Irish Song and Style will illustrate the use of the four finger roll in Irish Songs, The Irish Triple Strum and the Fake Triple (basic/6/8) Strum as well as Ballads, Drinking Songs, Sea Shanty's,Irish Tin Pan Alley Tunes, Novelty Numbers, Jigs, reels and much more! Open to all levels. 90 minutes 

Mastering the Triplet Stroke: Join Lil Rev on a fascinating exploration of the almighty triplet stroke! We’ll take an in-depth look at a variety of different ways to play a triplet stroke including the two variations on the two finger triplet, also a three finger triplet pattern and the famous George Formby Fan Stroke to name a few. We’ll add a couple of Blues and Standards to try out our triplet patterns as well as learn some helpful practice drills to gain proficiency and speed. Open to all levels. 90 minutes 

Uke Can Too: This class is sponsored by KALA UKULELES. It is geared towards the absolute beginner. Just show up! You needed even have a ukulele we will provide one. Learn all the basics from Lil Rev including, how to hold it, basic strums, a small cache of simple two and three chord songs and much more! For Beginners. 90 minutes 

Jug Band Ukulele Styles: The Jug Band era of the 1920’s & 30’s brought with it, a wealth of ukulele friendly songs, tricks, progressions and strums; join Lil Rev for a rollicking 90 minutes of sheer Jug Band fun as we explore the lost world of Jug Band Music thru its history, recordings, artists, and repertoire. From Walk Right In, to Stealing, Stealing and KC Moan, we’ll sing classics from The Memphis Jug Band, Cannon’s Jug Stompers, Jack Kelly, The Birmingham Jug Band, Earl MacDonald’s Jug Band, The Louisville Jug Band, Jim Kweskin and many more! In addition to building your repertoire we’ll also explore the I, VI, II, V progression, circle of 5ths ,  Early Boogie Patterns, Stop-time and much more. Find out why this timeless music is still so much fun to sing, strum and play. This is a multi-level workshop, open to all level of players with a whopping 12 page repertoire packet. Bring a recording device if you have one. 90 minutes 

Fiddle Tunes for Ukulele: Join Lil Rev for a rollicking 90 minutes for pure Fiddle Tune madness! That's right! Fiddle tunes sound fabulous when arranged for the ukulele ( fingerstyle, single string and chord melody). Explore waltzes, reels, jigs, schotisches, and rags tabbed and arranged for soprano, concert and tenor ukulele in GCEA tuning. We'll start with simple tunes like Boil Em Cabbage Down, Old Joe Clark and Cripple Creek, gradually progression to more challenging tunes like: The Swallow Tail Jig and Stones Rag. This class is open to intermediate and advanced melody players only. It is presumed that you read tab and or standard notation. It is helpful to bring a recording device of some sort for follow with the tunes. 90 minutes. 

The Boodle Am Shake Workshop: Boodle Am Shake was recorded in the late 1920's by Clifford Hays Dixieland Jug Blowers. It is one of the most exciting Jug Band era pieces ever recorded both because of its infectious rhythm and its catchy melody. Learn the chords to this tune, learn to sing it and then various ways that you can spice it up. In doing so you will challenge yourself to move up the neck as well execute some new exciting right hand strokes. Open to anyone willing to venture up the neck a bit and to those who already know most of their basic chords. 90 minutes 

Writing Roots Based Songs on Ukulele: This exciting new class will explore the concept of taking traditional jazz, ragtime, folk, bluegrass, tin pan alley, blues and country motifs and writing your own song. We'll explore the 12 bar form, The Traditional Folk Progression, Ragtime ideas, and Tin Pan Alley Hooks as well as Country progressions and other common forms songwriters use to hang lyrics upon. Lil Rev will teach 6 of his best compositions as examples of this approach. Open to all levels. 90 minutes 

Super Cool Right Hand Techniques for Ukulele: Learn all of the basic right hand techniques like rolls, triples, tremolo and slides as well as how to stack them on top of each other to create drive, rhythm and an exciting right strum strum, soon to be the envy of all of your ukulele playing friend. Discover the Travis Harrelson Triple roll, and the GeorgeFormby Fan Stroke as well as a brief survey and overview of professional playing styles. This is open to all levels. Just be ready for ukulele boot camp! Open to all levels 90 minutes. 

The Art of Happy Music for Ukulele: Learn 10 of Lil Rev's latest originals from his Happiest Way To Be Sad album, alongside of his classic right hand strokes and strums review. Lil Rev also will weave in brief readings from his new book: Ukulele Nation, the poetry of uke! Participants will receive a new Lil Rev songbook and prose from the workshop. Lots of fun and open to all levels. Learn finger-picking patterns, novelty strokes, tricks, and helpful performance hints. Intermediate. 90 minutes. 

Intros And Endings: Join Lil Rev for a rollicking 90 minutes of hands on ukulele instruction. Great songs all share two things in common, a catchy intro and a strong ending!  In this class, we'll explore the use of intros and endings in rock, tin-pan alley, early jazz, blues and country including complimentary right hand techniques like tremolo, triplets and roll strokes. prerequisite: all level of players are welcome, should know some basic chords already. Intermediate level. 90 minutes.


Beg. Chord Melody: Chord melody is one of the most exciting approaches to playing the ukulele. Strumming chords, while also implying the melody took off in the vaudeville era of the 20's and 30's, then evolved to encompass jazz guitar, plectrum banjo and more! Yet, the ukulele seems to beg for a good chord melody arrangement! Let Lil Rev show you how to arrange your own chord melody pieces. We'll learn about the importance of moveable chord inversions, basic scale theory and repertoire building with Freight Train, Aloha Oh, Oh Susannah and more. 90 minutes. Advanced only. 

The Life And Music of Woody Guthrie: Mr. Guthrie was one of America's most iconic troubadours and songwriters. He wrote poignant ballads of the working man's condition, kids songs, lovers quarrels, social justice, labor, travel, and political rants. He influenced everyone from Bob Dylan & Rambling Jack Elliot to Bruce Springsteen, cementing a near legendary status in the world of singer-songwriters. 

Lil Rev weaves together a tapestry of Woody songs, tales, quotes, bio, and more, all arranged for ukulele in the keys of C, D, F, G, A and Bb. Most of these tunes are 3-4 chords and can easily be learned by any ukulele player. 

This is a great repertoire class. In addition to building your catalog of classic folk material, you'll learn a few new strums including, Boom-Chuck, Swing, Gallop and Country strums to name a few. 

Woody Guthrie is hands down, one of the most influential musicians that i have ever had the pleasure of listening to and reading about. His influence on my music will go on eternally! 

I love teaching this class! Open to all levels. 90 minutes 

The Finger Pickers Tool Box: This class is designed especially for anyone who is already playing the ukulele, strumming and possibly playing some basic melody, but would like to learn how to finger-pick. Thru a series of drills, exercises and simple tunes, Lil Rev will give you the tools you need to practice your way towards effective finger picking on the ukulele. Together we'll study: The Inside-Outside Pattern, The Outside-Inside Pattern, Alternating Thumb Picking, Travis Style, Cotton Style, Three Finger Bluegrass Rolls. Must read Tab or Notation. 90 minutes. Adv. Beg and above welcome. 

Learn The Fan Stroke: The Fan Stroke is one of the most syncopated, visually appealing strokes in the vast cannon of strum hand techniques. It is exciting to watch and even more so to see someone do it well. 

Lil Rev breaks down the classic George Formby Fan Stroke into 4 basic movements, simplifying each one to its most basic explanation so that all levels can understand how to employ this exciting stroke. Also, Lil Rev shows you how to integrate this stroke into your playing without the use of the Formby repertoire. 90 minutes. Open to all levels. 

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