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Jam Etiquette

Recently, I had the great pleasure of attending a big ukulele festival in Canada.
While at this festival I witnessed a few things which encouraged me to write this Post. 
For many beginning and Intermediate  Jammers, lessons can be hard won, as no one has ever told them how to jam Or that there is an etiquette which lends itself to playing well with others.

As with most music festivals, be they folk, blues, bluegrass or dance camps, the opportunity to jam with others is a huge draw for most attendees.
 All jam sessions are not created equal.
The ones when everything goes right, can often live on in the memory books for years to come.
For every great jam that I have taken part in, I have witnessed 2 or 3 mediocre jams or failed jams.
Before I tell you what makes a jam successful let me first mention a couple of common pitfalls that can really sidetrack the best way-laid intentions.
1) one strong leader who doesn't know how to share the load. While many people appreciate his willingness to lea…

Touring PA & NC

Dear friends 
In mid November I will be touring PA & NC.
 My tour will take me from Altoona and Pittsburgh to Durham and Wilmington in NC. 
To that end, I will be presenting a Jewish program, my scraps of quilting music show and a number of ukulele workshops and concerts to boot.
For more info please visit: 
Hope to see you soon,
Lil Rev