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101-Two Chord Tunes

(C) Lil Rev 2012

For years now, like a pack-rat, i have collected bits and pieces of
what one might call a loose conglomeration of tune-lists.

Occasionally, i would have an organizing fit and...
into my moleskin notebook they would go, filed away for who
knows what.

For some reason, as a teacher, i simply found it to be wise to keep a
 running list of 2 chord songs.

After years, months and days, i have finally decided it was time to
conclude my search for the holy grail of two chord songs. So, now I
give to you my fellow Ukulele enthusiast a running list of 101 two
chord songs.

By no means is this list complete. It is merely a starting point,
a springboard from which to launch.

There are 1000's of two chord songs out there!

These songs come from many different sources including books, hymnals,
random songbooks, live concerts, song circles, rise-up singing, Jerry Silverman's
Folksong Collections, Little Red Songbook, Pete Seeger's Song File, Folk Songs
Of North America (Loma…

After The Song Has Ended

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