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2015 California Uke Nation Tour

Dear West Coast Ukulele Friends,

This July 2015...

I will be embarking on my annual California  Ukulele Nation Tour.

While the length of the tour and its stops may vary from year to year...I rarely miss a beat
when it comes to touring CA.

CA has more ukulele clubs and music stores per capita, than almost any
other state in the union and for that reason, i always manage to find plenty
of receptive eyes and ears for me to ply my ukulele trade.

Over the years, i have made so many wonderful friends in this great state that
i really relish the opportunity to see all my musical pals as i traverse the state.

As an author, educator and entertainer, touring, teaching and performing
are at the top of my list when it comes to making a living doing what i love.

Thus, my annual California Tour.

This year i am touring in support of my new ukulele instructional book titled:
Fiddle Tunes for Ukulele.  (co-authored with J. Nicholson)

I also have a new double CD of Mouth Organ mus…