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Lil Rev & The Mya-Moe Connection

Like most professional musicians out on the circuit, I am of a curious breed. We are
collectors (not me!), players, tinkerers, and scientists searching for the perfect strings,
gauges, intonation, tonal woods, action, pitch, aesthetics, scale length, acoustics,
amplification dynamics, pickups and hep-factor all rolled into one instrument.
I have played 100's of guitars, mandolins, banjos, harmonicas and yes, ukuleles;
while always in search of the holy grail.

Some beg to differ and call this a disease known as U.A.S. or
ukulele acquisition syndrome.  The premise being that some
performers are always in search of the next new thing or newness,
only later to discover that all instruments have their pros and cons.

Yet, i see it differently, the professional player is always evolving, pushing him
or herself to be better than the moment allows and in doing so, our ability shifts,
our styles and approaches evolve and so too does our need for professional grade
instruments that can sta…