I wrote Wonderfully Askew over the winter of 2010 while touring up the California Coast. Barbara Brooks of the Monterey Ukulele Club took me for a tour of the charming little town of Carmel By The Sea, as we came to the Old Spanish Carmel Mission, she pointed out the architectural traits that time has not been good to, and in doing so replied, “but isn’t it Wonderfully Askew,” to which I thought, everything I love about life is wonderfully askew! The phrase stuck with me as we worked our way up the coast, soon a new song was born.
I am accompanied by three of my favorite players on this video…Gerald Ross, Marvin Reitz and Kathy Reitz…these guys are all stellar players and really know how to listen to the music, not overplay, complement what a guy is doing without hot-dogging it or getting in the way like a lot of folks often do. It is pure joy to make music with these guys and I have come to adore them. Gerald Ross, is as many of you know a dynamite player who specializes in swing, rock and blues influenced ukulele styles, as well as some mighty fine steel guitar playing. Gerald is in demand on the ukulele & music camp circuit and I couldn’t think of a better guy than Gerald to learn from.

The chords to this tune are Bb, Eb, F7 as well as a C7 throw in along the way. The turnaround is classic 1920’s stuff!


  1. Hey Rev -- You mention the turnaround is classic 1920's turnaround stuff. Does your new Hal Leonard book 101 Licks for Ukulele address any of these vintage turnarounds?


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