The Hal Leonard Baritone Ukulele Method Book #1

Announcing a new book from Lil Rev! The Hal Leonard Baritone Ukulele Method Book!

This summer saw the release of my 6th publication thru Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation titled: The Hal Leonard Baritone Ukulele Method Book #1. This book is geared towards the beginning baritone ukulele player who wants to learn the basics including: tab & note reading, right hand strokes, basic chords, licks, tricks, and a solid repertoire of blues, bluegrass, folk and rock oriented songs. This book fills a much needed void in the ukulele world by providing a well thought out methodology for the intro level student. It also makes a good starting point for kids or adults who aren't quite ready for the guitar, but whom, are looking for a place to begin with an instrument.

While i do push the beginner with certain chord forms (a little bit of hard work on chords goes a long ways for the intro level player who really longs to jam with others), this book provides a wealth of exercises for the student who wants to learn melody playing and some basic right hand techniques. 
Once a student has practiced and feels confident, he or she can then join a uke club, play with others, go to a song circle, figure out other tunes off You Tube or  go to a bluegrass jam...another words, the sky is the limit and this is empowering!

I tell you this, because it underlies my approach to writing this book.

Again, this book is for the intro level player who wants to learn some basic chord work as well as intro level melody playing. 

I am hoping Hal Leonard will want to do an Intermediate Baritone Book #2 in the years ahead, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, hope you all enjoy this new publication from yours truly!

The book sells online for $10.99 and comes with an audio CD

Here is a link to Hal Leonard's Online Catalog: ukulele&subsiteid=1&

-Lil Rev


  1. Good review! Now I'm sure I want to have it because you've confirmed that this book is for absolute beginners like me. Thanks!

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    I was really pleased with this Ukulele when it arrived. It has such a beautiful finish to it. The sound is great and easy to tune with the included digital tuner. It also comes with a nice bag to keep it protected when not in use. Since I am just starting to play, it is easy to hold and play. I love the sound of the ukulele, its beautiful. This is a fantastic beginner ukulele and would make a great gift. We are really enjoying learning on this.


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