Tour of Nebraska & Kansas

Hello Friends,

The month of August finds me back out on the Great Plains.

After a long absence to this part of the country I have been hired to do an artist in
residency for the City of Papillon's Recreation Department (Omaha, NE).

Over the course of a week i will present a number of concerts and workshops for kids,
seniors and local ukulele players. Following my stay in Papillon, i will swing over to
Kansas City on Sunday August 4th for a concert and workshop in conjunction with the
Kansas City Ukulele Community.

For more details on this tour, please visit my calendar at:

This trip is a welcome return, since I have spent many-a-year touring the KC, Lawrence,
Shawnee, Omaha area. I simply love the areas expansive plains and wide open vistas.  To
this humble Midwestern soul, it's where the West and all of its rich lore,
truly begins.

Something stirs in me when i am out here, and a poetic murmur beats gently in
my heart as a strong sense of American freedom always feels more defined in these
places where i can see the horizon without having to look at a 100 bill-boards or a
metropolis of concrete.

Go west young man might have meant something else long ago when gold
fever first struck, but it lives on in the hearts and minds of troubadours
like me who relish the chance to traverse a landscape that holds so much collective
folk-lore; and from this poems, songs, stories and quiet contemplation is born.

So here i am for but a moment, a troubadour rambling out on the high plains!

Then in the wink of an eye, i return to my honey and babe back in the beer city!

Adios Amigo,

Lil Rev


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