New! Fiddle Tunes for Ukulele Book Coming Soon!

Hello Friends,

I have some really exciting news!

After a many years of hard work and 100's of hours arranging, John Nicholson
(Milwaukee, WI Based Ukulele Superhero!) and I are eagerly anticipating the release
of a our new book titled: Fiddle Tunes for Ukulele (Hal Leonard)

The book will be 48 pages in length and contain well over 40 instrumental arrangements
of both known and uncommon fiddle tunes. We've included historic photos of the
famous and some long since, forgotten fiddlers whom inspired this music, as well
as arrangements in the campanella, finger-style, single-string lead style, chordal, and
claw-hammer approaches.

This book will meet the approval of both the beginning student of old time music as well
as the seasoned picker, looking for a real challenge.

There tunes are derived from an array of different old time dance traditions including:
Marches, Polkas, Reels, Jigs, Waltzes, Novelty, Rags, Schottische, Breakdowns, and more!

We'd like to think of this book as one of the most comprehensive collections
of fiddle tunes arranged for ukulele currently on the market.

A Bit About My Co-Author: 

While John Nicholson isn't widely known on the international ukulele scene, i suspect it
won't be long before he is.

He is a great musician, finger-picker, strumming maniac and all around stellar musician
equally adept on Guitar, Banjo, Tiple, Mandolin, Jaw Harp, and Ukulele. 

John and i met in Milwaukee back in the early 90's, back in our early busking, bar-room
free-wheeling days.

John  started playing Ukulele just about the same time i did. Back then, the ukulele
was very uncool! Never the less, we both loved the sweet, sultry and happy
sound of dem 4 strings and quickly set about performing: Hokum, Blues, Jug Band,
Tin Pan Alley and Fiddle Tunes on the ukulele.

John is especially adept at the banjo-uke and tiple.  Matter of fact, if you own any of my
recordings, chances are you'll hear John on many of them including Uke Town, Fountain of
Uke Vol. 1 and That Old Madness to name a few.

John has taught at the prestigious Milwaukee Irish Festival Summer School, University of WI-Milwaukee Adult Ed, Wheatland Traditional Music Camp, Ear Full of Fiddle and many
other places. His instrumental prowess is unbounded and his genuine enthusiasm for the material
in this book shines thru. Thus, i am proud that this book (my first to co-author), was lovingly
co-written with John Nicholson. I think you'll soon agree.

                                           John Nicholson Circa 2013- Courtesy of The Lil Rev Archive

John is also the author of a number of ukulele books thru Hal Leonard including:
Play Ukulele Today DVD, Play Ukulele Today Book 2, and Classical Tunes for

When Will The Book Be Out?

The word from the publisher at present is that it will hit the streets in late fall.

Here is a link to Hal Leonard for follow up:

Here is a link to John & Susan Nicholson's Band page:

Lastly, here is a cool little interview that i did with Uke Maestro Jim D'Ville of Three Questions Fame

Fiddle Tunes For Ukulele: 3 Questions W/ Jim D' Ville

                                                      Lil Rev and John Nicholson
                                                                  (C) Deone Jahnke


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