Sugar Babe Blues in Wall, SD

This summer i am traveling with my daughter Mariela Rose and my

girlfriend Jenna Lynn on a summer tour of the west coast.

We are stopping in: WA, OR, CA to teach and perform ukulele.

The route west will take us thru Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming,

Montana and finally Washington. This western experience is at the heart

of what i love about being on the road....big open sky, horses, cattle,

rusted cars, broken fences, tiny ma and pop cafes, black coffee, bonding

time with family and friends, and lots of jamming and practicing time

as we traverse from town to town.

While in Wall, South Dakota the following video was shot:

Morning Coffee, Just Picking some tunes, rehearsing for my tour.

There's a whole slew of tunes i never perform on stage, just things i like

to play when i am at home on the porch. That's what i was doing

playing Sugar Babe, when Jenna turned on the video and caught me

rocking out.

I first heard this played by Mance Lipscomb of Texas, via an old Arhoolie


Lots of old time banjo players seemed to love this song and i speculate

it was a standard piece that was shared by alot of different folks around

the country from the 1930's thru ?

I am no stickler for perfection, i am guessing and i could sing and pick this

tune much better if i recorded it over and over again like most folks do prior to posting

a video.. but this was just a magic moment caught in the morning

while i wasn't in need of anything that even remotely resembled perfection...

these are the moments when we are plugged into that intangible something

and the heart knows only now...when our senses are wide open and free will

courses thru our blood. Ah! The magic of the road. Enjoy Sugar Babe.


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