Teaching @ Elderly Instruments in March

After a long hiatus, I'll be heading back to Michigan to teach a few classes
at Elderly Instruments (https://www.elderly.com ) in Lansing.

It was way back in the mid-90's that Elderly took a big chance on a little known
record called Uke Town, which was my first real attempt to feature a mess'o
ukulele on wax.

Thanks in part to long time employees at Elderly like Chris Rietz,
Brian Hefferan, Stan Werbin, Libby and a few others, the store began to play my
CD in store alot, which led to new fans, gigs and a very appreciate musician...Lil Rev!

In 1996, that same year, they also featured my Uke Town https://www.lilrev.com/cd-uke-town
as a "HOT PLATTER, in their mail order catalogue, which also boosted sales and encourage
me to make a full length, "all" ukulele record (the fountain of uke series).

I've always felt a huge debt of gratitude to Elderly and their dedicated staff
for recognizing that the ukulele was coming back (way ahead of the national curve)
and that they deemed me worthy enough to stock my recordings on their showroom floor and
in their catalogue was something i'll always be grateful for. It really helped get
the word out about what i was doing with regards to the ukulele.

Elderly started in the 1970's as just a small operation and thru alot of hard work,
owner Stan Werbin and a very dedicated crew have put Lansing, MI on the map
for like-minded acoustics music lovers, traditional players, local students
and an international customer base that looks forward to receiving the elderly catalog
even more so in this digital era, whence it really does feel good to hold something real
in your hands!

Musicians and music lovers the world over love visiting Elderly, and who wouldn't?
Guitars galor, banjo's, mandolins, ukuleles, books, records, and all the accouterments
one might consider as a picker are available at Elderly.

Thank you Stan, Chris, Brian, Libby and so many others at Elderly!

I will be teaching 2 workshops on Saturday March 4th-

11am-12:30pm- The Blues & Boogie of Leadbelly For Ukulele. (open to all levels)


3pm-4:30pm- Learn 6 Triplet Strokes on the Ukulele. (open to all levels) 


If you're a local ukulele player and you can't make the elderly classes in March, i'll be back in the area in June at the Midwest Ukulele Camp (June 23rd-25th) teaching with a world class cast of Ukulele & Harmonica players for a full weekend of jamming, workshops, vendors, and more. http://www.midwestukecamp.com

                                     My Good Pal, Ukulele Guru and longtime Elderly Employee Brian Hefferan

                                                                     Brian and I doing St. James Infirmary Blues 


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