Fountain of Uke 10th Anniversary Album Liner Notes

Here's the liner notes to my new CD:

Lil Rev: Fountain of Uke (10th Anniversary Edition)

1) Only a Stone: I wrote this song using an old expression my grandma use to say: "Nor A Shteyn, Zol Zayn Aleyn." Which means, only a stone should be alone. I turned it into a love song. Its always great when the past comes breezing thru you and courts the muse! Long live the Yiddish Spirit! Key of G

2) Weatherproof: A simple love song i wrote for my wife Carol. The tune has a real 20's flavor to it and i like to believe it's a cross between the Memphis Jug Band and Irving Berlin. Key of G

3) Rye Whiskey: A traditional drinking song, often called The Drunken Hiccups. Too many sources to list! Key of A

4) Fountain of Uke: A sweet little instrumental from The F.O.U. #1 sessions. Key of C

5) The Letter That Never Came: I learned this off of a Charlie Poole Record. It is actually an early Tin Pan Alley Tune from the late 1800's. Key of F

6) Hammond Breakdown: I wrote this in the early 90's while traveling thru Louisiana. We were in a 79' Bonneville. Ah! Dem good old days! It is a claw-hammer piece these days. In G

7) Ukulele Blues: Recorded this classic blues, with Milwaukee Harmonica Maestro Jim Liban and Chicago Blues Guitar legend Eric Noden. It's an old Jug Band derivation. Key of C

8) High Paper Collar: Originally an old field recording tune of the Kimbell Family Band, I learned this fine old time tune from Old Time Banjo Player Extraordinaire Molly Tenenbaum ( Key of G

9) Ukulele Jig: I wrote this for a student who was trying to learn how to play jigs on the ukulele and was looking for something simple. From the Fountain of Uke sessions. Key of G

10) Ain't No Tip Toeing Thru The Tulips: They call me the king of the Nursing Home Circuit in WI. LOL! Its true. This was inspired by a visit to a V.A. hospital, where a patient scowled at my use of the ukulele in concert and said, boy! taint no tip toeing thru the tulips around here! I turned it into a love song. Key of Bb.

11) One Meatball: Credited to Hy Zaret and Lou Singer, this tune goes back to the 1800's, titled: The Lay of One Fish Ball. Hy & Lou refashioned it for Josh White in High Society. It has been recorded by everyone from Ann Rabson, to Dave Van Ronk and Ry Cooder. Check out my video of the tune:  In Em

12) Golden Slippers: A Minstrel Melody and classic string band tune. In D tuning, In D

13) I Used To Work In Chicago: I learned this from Benny Bell of Dr. Demento fame. In G

14) Ukulele Polka: This melody is also called Terry Tiehan's Irish Polka. What can i say, in WI the Polka is the official state dance! Why not? Clawhammer piece in G

15.) Shady Grove: Appalachian Favorite in Am W/ Milwaukee singer Sara Kozar on lead vocals

16) Silvery Moon: As a young lad, me mum used to sing this to me at night around bedtime. I thought it was a lullaby! Written Gus Edwards in and around 1909. It is now public Domain. Gus also wrote the tune, In My Merry Oldsmobile. This is top ten nursing home material. In A

17) Rockpile Blues: A Banjo Ikey Influenced tune from the blues realm. In F. Prison Blues are the deepest kind!

18) Smile: I wrote this for my daughter Mariela Rose Revenson, following her first ear to ear grin. In Em. This tune is a great example of how i have integrated the right hand work of George Formby and Roy Smeck, listen for the split stroke dude! In Em

19) St. Louis Blues: A Public Domain piece from the teens. This wonderful blues was written by W.C. Handy and stands today as one the all time most oft-recorded blues in American history. In F.

20) Bound To Look Like A Monkey: A  novelty tune from the early 1900's. Inspired by Banjo Ikey Robinson and Sleepy John Estes. From the Fountain of Uke Vol.1 sessions. In G

21) Traveling On: An original tune about life on the road and a gal in every town! Too bad its just a dream! In F.

(C) Lil Rev 2013 Fountain of Uke Records

CD recorded at Surround in Sound Studios in Milwaukee, WI.
Graphic Arts by Brad Serum of Culver City, CA
Editing by: Will Branch, Marge Eiseman & Barb Tabak
CD Duplication by Oasis
Thanks to all of the musicians who played on this album. 

To Purchase the new album: 

Lil Rev: Fountain of Uke (10th Anniversary Edition)

Thanks for taking the time to read my notes!

Lil Rev-12/19-12


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