Lil Rev's New CD Is Out!

The Fountain of Uke 10th Anniversary Album is now Available:

Dear friends, it has been a long time in coming. This project pulls together material from both The Fountain of Uke Vol. 1 & 2, including 12 remastered favorites and 9 brand new arrangements including 5 brand new originals and 4 covers.

Once again, in the spirit of those original F.O.U. albums, the ukulele is front and center, just good tunes, unique covers and rooted originals. If you are a fan of blues, tin-pan-alley, old time, novelty and originals you'll love this new collection.

The original Fountain of Uke albums are still available thru CD Baby as digital downloads (heck they even have a few hard copies on the shelf). My goal in 2013 is to streamline my vast catalog and digitize many of my older albums, so that when i hit the road to tour, i am only carrying the most current albums. This is, after all a digital era that we are living in and i have 13 albums that i have tried to keep in active print. It's alot to manage, not to mention shlepping all over the U.S.

I knew the time had come to simply retire the physical CDS and move them into the stratosphere that is digital download heaven. 

What i did with this album, is I sat down, pulled my favorite tracks off the two earlier fountain of uke CDS, then we remastered them to give em a fresh coat of paint, while also recording nine new tracks of originals and some choice covers. The result is nothing less than a magical collection of ukulele music that dares to stand up unadulterated and naked in its' beauty.

All too often the ukulele is buried in overproduction, instrumentation and sonic farfel. My goal with this project is very simple: to showcase the ukulele in its raw, au-natural state, just strong tunes, high power strumming, solid right hand technique, less is more picking and some really sweet harmony vocals by my wife Carol Alvarez to round things out.

Here is the link to the new album. It is available from both Elderly Instruments of Lansing, MI as well as CD Baby.

Lil Rev: Fountain of Uke (10th Anniversary Edition)

Here is a link to my last album: The Happiest Way To Be Sad: This is a collection of rocking-rooted originals performed with an ensemble of Milwaukee's finest blues, jazz, country and soul musicians.

Lil Rev: The Happiest Way to Be Sad


Lil Rev


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